Is Your Profile Up To Date?

Its Time to Update Your Profile

It’s that time of year! Cyclists are riding and looking for hosts!

We need EVERYONE to make sure that their profile is up to date.

We count on you to log in and update your status. If you are out on a trip, mark yourself INACTIVE. If for any reason you can’t take guests, make yourself inactive. Inactive just means you are not available. Once you are again available — log back in and change your status.

While you are checking your status, make sure your profile is up to date. Has anything changed? Can you accept more guests or fewer guests. Do you still offer indoor space?

Your profile is what touring cyclists are looking at to determine if you are someone that they should reach out to.

We depend on every user to keep their profile up to date and their status current. It truly helps the people on the road.

Remember, if you are on the road to plan ahead and give people as much notice as possible that you are looking for accommodations. Many, many hosts won’t see your request if it is made just hours before you want to arrive. They have jobs or need to prepare for you and need more time than that!

Warmshowers is excited to be growing and have so many people on the road and available for hosting! We understand that it is frustrating to not be able to reach a host. AND, we encourage everyone to make sure that they are doing their part to stay up to date, plan ahead and know that this is volunteer hospitality.

We are so pleased to be connecting touring cyclists and hosts across the globe – 130,000 users united through a love of cycling.