Host’s Corner

Feed the Hungry Beasts

Contributor: Kevin Kimpel Part of the fun of hosting long-distance bicyclists for me is to feed them when they pedal up hungry after a calorie-burning ride.     Sitting down to a home-cooked meal is often a treat for riders who have dined solo on fast food or from gas station snack bars or cooked …

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Warmshowers: 3 for 1?

Contributor: Anne Larcher When I became a member of the Warmshowers cycling hospitality platform in 2015, I hoped to get a “2 for 1”. Being hosted while touring on my bicycle and making sure my Dad, a good host, gets some visitors. In fact, this platform brought my family and me much more than expected: …

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Friends for Life

Contributor: Kevin Kimpel I have been an active Warmshowers host since 2011. Somewhere north of 130 people of all ages and many nationalities have pedaled up to my door.  All have been very grateful for the hospitality. All but one has signed my guest book and let me take their picture to add to my …

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