Stories from the Road

Biking the Baltic: A Tale of Lost Luggage and Found Adventures

Contributor: Stefan Koehler When life throws unexpected curves at you, the best way to tackle them is with resilience and a sense of adventure. Here, I, Stefan, alongside my fellow traveler, Connie, an unlikely duo of seasoned and newbie bike tourers, embarked on an extraordinary journey along Denmark’s picturesque Baltic Sea Coast. Little did we […]

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Goodbye, Old Friend

Contributor: Phil Blumenkrantz I’m suffering separation anxiety – not from a girlfriend or job or my recently-deceased cat. From my Panasonic PT-3500. It’s been six months since I parted ways with the touring bike I’d ridden almost exclusively since the mid-80s. My sense of loss hasn’t softened. Each time I would complete a trip, I

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Ready to Go!

Contributor: Susan Fox This year, after 10 years of discussion and 5 years of planning, my best friend and I set out on our first cross-country tour. We had been inspired by a roadside gentleman who invited us to share his fire during our first tour in Eastern Oregon…in the rain. His story about his

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Why Host? Why Be a Guest?

Contributor: Lance Chilton Sure, being a guest while bike-touring saves money. Sure, being a host makes us feel we’re paying back the Warmshowers community. But it’s more than that. Although I could probably afford to stay in four-star hotels, Warmshowers gives me a much closer opportunity to meet and learn from bicyclists in all the

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