Stories from the Road

Some of My Crazy Favorite Moments on a Cycling Trip from Belgium to Swiss

When I tell people about my bicycle travels, I often see them wondering, “Why would you do such a thing?” For me, an important reason is the countless little adventures you bump into on the road. Here is an account of my favorite crazy moments from a 10-day solo cycling trip through France in 2017. …

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Halfway to Somewhere

Arriving in New Orleans about four days ago, marks the halfway point of our journey. We have biked some 1600 miles thus far and if we decide to “finish” in San Diego as we have planned, we have about that much to go. Emma and I left New York City on a cold windy grey …

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A Life on Wheels

In 1974, I cycled 10,000 km across Central Africa.  I was arrested in Idi Amin’s Uganda and sentenced to have my beard removed.  What a cheek!  Next came Zaire (Congo), and on entering a game park, a notice said, “Do not leave your car;” nothing about bicycles, so I carried on.   I was also incarcerated …

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An Unlikely Friendship

Isn’t it funny how two paths can cross unexpectedly and then never quite diverge from one another?   On February 1st, 2017, I received a routine message on Warmshowers. Paul was, unsurprisingly, looking for a place to stay in Austin, Texas. He and his friend had embarked on a bicycle trip across the US and …

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Family Bike Trip

A Family Bike Trip with 23 Nights with Warmshowers Hosts We recently returned from an 11-week family bike trip through Korea and Japan with our 4 and 5-year-old daughters, and our love affair with Warmshowers is stronger than ever. During our family bike trip we stayed with 9 Warmshowers hosts for a total of 23 …

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Life Unscripted

Life Unscripted 6

Turkey Shortly before noon, I arrived in the small mountain village of Camardi (pronounced “chah MAR duh”) nuzzled deep in the protective arms of Aladaglar National Park in Turkey. The name “ala-daglar” (crimson-mountains) comes from the rusty color of its hills in the sunset.  This region is known as the “Alps of Turkey”, home to …

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