Leaving Open, Honest and KIND Feedback

Leaving Open Honest and Kind FeedbackYou’ve just had a fantastic experience on the road being hosted by a wonderful Warmshowers user. Or you just hosted the most interesting user on an epic cross-country tour. Now, it’s time to leave feedback on their profile.


Leaving positive feedback for an excellent host or guest is easy. But what happens when your experience is not so great? You know it’s important to leave feedback in their profile, but how do you start? Leaving honest feedback for guests or hosts who have not been stellar can be a challenge.

Feedback is an integral part of the Warmshowers community that helps others make informed decisions. Here are a few things you should ask yourself when leaving feedback for a host or guest: “Did I feel safe and welcomed?” “Did I feel comfortable?” “Did the profile match my experience?”

Here are some suggestions for leaving feedback politely and creatively.

Guest Experiences:

 “The house was overrun with cats and smelled like urine.”

  •  Consider saying: “My host had several indoor pets, which made it almost impossible for me to be inside as I had an allergic reaction.”

“Our host would not stop following me around and would not stop talking to me.”

  • Consider saying: “Our host was very eager to spend every minute with us. We were tired and wanted just to relax. This host might not be a match for cyclists wanting some alone time.”

“Our host was a hoarder, and we had no place to sleep comfortably.”

  •  Consider saying: “Our hosts had a very full flat. They were very nice people, but they did not have enough available space to host comfortably.”

“My host said he could accommodate us in his house, but when we arrived, he said he had other company.  He found a place for us to stay, but it was basically a house that had been vacant for about 30 years. We were unable to shower, and the dust and dirt were horrible.  After cycling all day in the rain, a hotel would have been a better option.”

  • Consider saying: “Our host wasn’t able to follow through once we arrived.  We appreciated him finding us another place, but we were not comfortable there and would have preferred notice of this change prior to our arrival.”

Host Experiences:

“After agreeing on a departure time, my guest slept in and made me late for work.”

  • Consider saying: “Our guest had great difficulty leaving in the morning at the discussed time.”

“My guests were traveling without money or camping equipment.  They seemed to be relying on Warmshowers to carry them through their trip.  They asked to stay extra days.”

  • Consider saying: “My guests were traveling without any camping equipment.  They seemed very dependent on Warmshowers as they asked to stay another day until they could find their next host.”

Always remember, if you felt unsafe, harassed, or mislead (hospitality was for a charge, the guest did not arrive on a bicycle, etc.), please use the “Contact Us” button on the website to report the member to our Trust and Safety Committee so we can take action.

Open and honest feedback, done politely and with kindness, will go a long way in keeping our community thriving!