Our Cycling Nomad Life Started on the EuroVelo 1

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Ben and Linda call themselves XPLORid—Cycling Nomads. In the summer of 2019, they went on a 30-day test ride in Ireland. This ride was meant to prepare them for their tour around the world. Little did they know that by getting rid of all their belongings and renting out their apartment, they would become true nomads. The initial plan was to leave their home city, Maastricht, and cycle to the east.

A man and woman posing with their loaded touring bicycles in front of a lake and mountains.Upon arrival in Rosslare, we immediately started cycling towards Waterford on the EuroVelo 1. We didn’t want to spend the night in busy Waterford itself, so we cycled a bit further. We rang the doorbell at an old man’s house and asked if we could pitch our tent in his garden for one night. Dennis told us his wife recently passed away and he was planning to visit his son that evening. Our unexpected visit was a pleasant surprise to him.

The weather gods were not so favorable to us. Not all day, but every once in a while there was a big rain shower.

Now, it’s May 2024, and we’ve cycled almost 38,000 km in 34 countries. We meet the most wonderful people by knocking on doors like we did on the very first night in Ireland. Not a single night were we left emptyhanded. Hospitality is HUGE all around the world. Due to COVID-19, we changed our itinerary. After touring Europe, we decided in spring 2022 to go to America first.

In Central America, we longed for Ireland. In the last two years, we haven’t had a decent rain shower, temperatures are sky high, and humidity is extreme. This, along with the thought of being stuck on the Pan-American Highway, made us decide to head back to Europe this summer.

While we were battling the humidity, we rolled into pet sitting. Besides Warmshowers, this is a great way for nomads to find free accommodation. You get the true feeling of living like a local, which we really like. Our new plan is to have pet-sitting jobs spread all over Europe and cycle in between.

Even back in Ireland, we already knew we had to lower our load. In Europe, we’re going to change our setup drastically: leaving our tent, sleeping bag, and cooking equipment behind. This will mean we will depend heavily on the hospitality of Europeans. Sure, doors will open when we knock on their doors.

For all the hospitality we receive, we’ve accomplished 18 aid projects so far, including 2 long term educational projects in Guatemala. Sending Samanta to primary school and Evelin to higher education. We collect € 1 for each kilometer we cycle to pay for their degree. With new donations, we are able to continue this help. Besides, we want to start new aid projects in and from Europe. You can make us smile by giving a thumbs up on our socials, subscribing to our website, or helping to find new pet sits.

Read more about our way of life at www.xplorid.today.