A Free Spirit

man and bicycle standing in front of car giving peace signContributor: Andres Garcia

I am from Colombia and have been traveling by bicycle for five years. My trip began in Argentina, where I studied musical composition. I decided to travel by bicycle without thinking about it; it was a decision that I had made at the moment, as I said, without thinking about it.

I had traveled previously but with a backpack. From 2012 to 2013, I traveled with my ex-girlfriend through Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia without money, making music with the guitar and melodica. From that moment, I was passionate about traveling the world.

bicycle loaded for long distance touring parked on roadsideIn 2014 I went to Argentina to study music, and in 2016 I left Cordoba, Argentina, pedaling through Uruguay, where I met Pepe Mujica, former president of Uruguay. In 2017 I entered the south of Brazil, and since then, I have traveled through one of the world’s largest and most diverse countries.

2 men posing in front of a loaded bicycleI have lived many stories and experiences. My trip is a different trip; a trip without money, but with art, music, crafts, asking for help, and sharing service. I am very proud of myself; I never imagined that I had so much courage. I travel alone with an amplifier that I use for my shows and to get some money. When my trip began, the idea was to pedal around Europe, but I am here and there for the moment.

Man and bicycle on empty beachI do not have a sponsor, but at the same time, I have one; the best The towns, beings like fishermen, gas stations, bicycle workshops, etc., are the ones who help me. Now I am in the northeast of Brazil, in the State of Piauí.

bicycle loaded for long distance touring parked on beachI hope you like my story. Thank you, good routes and pedaling, Satispen tali ??… health and freedom for all.

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