World Travelers Guest on Bike Life Podcast with Their Bike Life Book

We are happy to share this exciting new book coming out by Tristen and Belen, called Bike Life, a coffee table book which includes the extraordinary experiences of being a member of our community.  Click below to see a sample or you can use the link to pre-order.
Thank you to Tristen and Belén for supporting Warmshowers!


bike lifeABOUT Tristan and Belén US:
Tristan Bogaard and Belén Castelló are photographers and avid travelers. For the past three years, they’ve done several bicycle tours around the world, capturing the landscapes they’ve come across and reflecting back on memories by curating their photos and videos on social media. Their love of photography and adventure has led them to this point.


For the travel and adventure enthusiasts: Bike Life shares the story of Tristan’s and Belén’s adventures on various bicycle tours throughout Europe, North America and Central Asia. A book full of beautiful photographs and personal anecdotes, advice and the many things they learned while being on the road. The book breathes adventure, but also bursts with interesting tips on how to plan your own bicycle tour, and provides some recommended routes. Bike Life also provides an answer to the most commonly asked questions and concerns surrounding this exciting way of exploring the world, inspiring us to go out and pedal to a new place.

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