Check this out…We are GIVING a bike of your choice away!

That’s right, this year we are going to allow the winner to select the bike of their choice for this year’s bike give-away. We know there are shortages of bikes and shipping times may vary, therefore this year’s winner will get to choose their own bike (up to USD 2,000)! As an added benefit, this will support the local economy and minimize shipping gas emissions.

How to enter?

It’s easy. Make a donation to Warmshowers today! Any donation made between now and May 15th will be automatically entered into the drawing for the bike of your choice!

Click Here to Donate

Why should I donate? 

Well, besides entering you for the chance to win the bike of your dreams, we rely in part, on the generous donations of our Warmshowers community to keep our technology operating smoothly while giving us the funds to continue to improve user accessibility, information security, mapping functionality, partnership and community development. When you make a request for help, post in our forums, or reach a host, we always have someone behind the scenes ready to help. Tahverlee and the team of volunteers work diligently to prioritize the needs of our 180,000 registered users, and we cannot do that without your help.

There are two ways to enter: 

  1. Make a donation: as you know, user donations are one of the primary ways we keep Foundation working. Without you riding, hosting and donating our incredible community cannot make it.
  2. If you cannot donate today, you can enter the drawing by mailing a postcard with your username to Foundation, 3980 N. Broadway, Suite 103 PMB 187, Boulder, CO 80304. Must be postmarked by May 15th to be entered. (A donation is not required to be entered into the drawing.)

Rules: emails will not be considered an entry, no use of the contact us form on our website will be considered an entry, must be a current user (and yes, we will check) to be entered into the drawing. Maximum cost of the bike, including shipping and taxes is $2,000.

We were very happy to have selected a winner in 2020 who resides in the UK.  It took us several months to get the bike to our lucky winner (the bike was sold out and the new customs procedures delayed the process) but alas we were able to deliver a brand new bike to her (with the help of Bike Flights).  She would prefer not to be featured.  We wish her many great journeys on her new bike!