Warmshowers Important Announcement

Attention Please Important AnnouncementWarmshowers is dedicated to providing a safe, supportive environment for all of its users. We are saddened by the recent handful of false reports and personal attacks against our volunteers, staff members, and participants in the community. Rest assured, Warmshowers continues to grow and flourish, and we are welcoming new users to our community each day.

A bit about us: Warmshowers started from a passion that became an interactive map of hosts across the globe. Over the years, this passion has grown with technology evolving from just a spreadsheet to its current web-based platform supporting over 180,000 registered users worldwide. Initially, our operations were 100% volunteer-based. Since 2015, and thanks to the generosity of our donors, we have had part time paid staff who work in conjunction with the board and volunteers to develop the web platform and grow our community. 

We are a registered non-profit organization and have a Board of Directors. Our Board is comprised of volunteers who receive no compensation for their work. Just like you, we are passionate cyclists and generous hosts too. We love Warmshowers enough to invest our time, energy, and money into supporting and growing the community.

The facts: The work of the Board, volunteers, and contracted staff focuses on:

  • Continuous improvements to the operational technology, including the new mobile app and the release of new features. The latest update, our mobile app host-only mode, allows hosts to use the app at no charge.  Using the mobile app is optional; you can still access all key features of the website through your browser at any time.
  • A new one-time new user fee was implemented in 2020 (170,000+ current users were grandfathered in). All new users will pay a nominal fee moving forward that allows us to maintain and build upon the technology that enables users to connect.
  • The Board has outlined ambitious plans to (based upon YOUR feedback): 
    • Improve technology
    • Create more straightforward registration and messaging systems
    • Streamline interfacing with the blog
    • Increase translation
    • Add new help desk features
    • Keep the system stable by removing inactive users from the map 
    • Provide a network that allows you to identify a host anywhere your bike may take you

With only a few regular donations given consistently by some of our wonderful supporters (thank you!), combined with the current state of the economy, these initiatives require funding more than ever before. User donations are essential to our strategic plans, and every dollar counts in these tight times. The one-time fee for new users is another key piece of the funding puzzle. We are very grateful for your contributions. Plus, using Warmshowers still comes with no charge for hospitality.

Our policy has always been to delete users who have violated our terms of use or any user operating outside of the values of the community. The mission of Warmshowers.org Foundation is to help connect bicycle tourists with welcoming hosts around the world so they can enjoy a warm shower after their journey. No matter where you find yourself on your bike, there’s always somebody who welcomes you in and offers up some much-needed hospitality!

Through these shared experiences, we create connections that can break down stereotypes, walls, and fears and make the world a smaller place.