warmshowers hosts

Why Host? Why Be a Guest?

Contributor: Lance Chilton Sure, being a guest while bike-touring saves money. Sure, being a host makes us feel we’re paying back the Warmshowers community. But it’s more than that. Although I could probably afford to stay in four-star hotels, Warmshowers gives me a much closer opportunity to meet and learn from bicyclists in all the

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Cycle Touring Books

Great reads authored by the Warmshowers Community!   Her Courage Compass: Young woman’s memoir solo cycling across Europe – led by intuition, fed on kindness by Katalina Maridi Sometimes, your next best move is to go on the wildest and most daring adventure imaginable. When the weight of her parents’ cancer diagnoses and an uncertain

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Warmshowers Visitors

Contributor: Doris Tuck Three years ago, in June 2019, we hosted our first Warmshowers rider, Alistair, a doctor from London who was riding across the country.  He rode down the coast from the city, which was probably a really great ride until he had to turn east and over the Santa Cruz mountains into the

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Feed the Hungry Beasts

Contributor: Kevin Kimpel Part of the fun of hosting long-distance bicyclists for me is to feed them when they pedal up hungry after a calorie-burning ride.     Sitting down to a home-cooked meal is often a treat for riders who have dined solo on fast food or from gas station snack bars or cooked

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Slap the Wall

Contributors: Chuck and Susan Atkinson Susan and I have been involved with Warmshowers for almost 11 years. Prior to hosting here in Shkoder, Albania, on an annual basis, we never hosted more than 3-10 guests. We consider ourselves expats. In 2010, we flew with our recumbent trikes to this side of the pond from the

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Warmshowers: 3 for 1?

Contributor: Anne Larcher When I became a member of the Warmshowers cycling hospitality platform in 2015, I hoped to get a “2 for 1”. Being hosted while touring on my bicycle and making sure my Dad, a good host, gets some visitors. In fact, this platform brought my family and me much more than expected:

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