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World Travelers Guest on Bike Life Podcast with Their Bike Life Book

We are happy to share this exciting new book coming out by Tristen and Belen, called Bike Life, a coffee table book which includes the extraordinary experiences of being a member of our community.  Click below to see a sample or you can use the link to pre-order. Thank you to Tristen and Belén for supporting …

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Finding a Kitten on the Road

On tour, you never totally know what will happen. This story teaches a lesson you can learn from the smallest of creatures. While touring in Azerbaijan, Aline and Magda found a starving baby cat in the middle of nowhere. Suddenly the trip had a new passenger as they didn’t hesitate. They took the sweet kitten …

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Family Bike Trip

A Family Bike Trip with 23 Nights with Warmshowers Hosts We recently returned from an 11-week family bike trip through Korea and Japan with our 4 and 5-year-old daughters, and our love affair with Warmshowers is stronger than ever. During our family bike trip we stayed with 9 Warmshowers hosts for a total of 23 …

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Life Unscripted

Life Unscripted 5

Turkey Shortly before noon, I arrived in the small mountain village of Camardi (pronounced “chah MAR duh”) nuzzled deep in the protective arms of Aladaglar National Park in Turkey. The name “ala-daglar” (crimson-mountains) comes from the rusty color of its hills in the sunset.  This region is known as the “Alps of Turkey”, home to …

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